Terms and conditions

Ground rules

  • Flexibility: you can cancel, upgrade or downgrade with one month’s notice. The current rate will be applied to the new membership option chosen.
  • Bookings: Full time member don’t have to specify when you will be there. 7 day pass pre-determined weekdays.
  • Important: You can’t carry over unused hours the month after.
  • For people having their business address @ wishbox, all your documents must be availalble anytime in case of control from the authorities (accountancy, invoices, bank statements...)
  • Membership is per person: if you are more than one person in your company and you want to work together you have to subscribe to one membership each.
  • Prices are per month but charges included (electricity, water, heating…).
  • Access to your coworking space during working hours 9 AM to 6 PM but 24/7 membership
  • Free lockers for full members.
  • High speed internet connection in the office.
  • Respect the space of other members.
  • Receive your clients in professional meeting rooms with plasma screens for your presentations (upon request).
  • Discounts on meeting rooms to be discussed with management.
  • Wintertime when snowing, please bring sleepers, crocs or an extra pair of shoes with you. Think about our friendly cleaning lady.
  • We are closed between Christmas & New Year's Eve.
  • Membership to be paid before each first business day of the month on our bank account: payment via online wire payment or standing order.
  • Insure your own belongings or equipments. You are responsible for. Your personal insurance should cover any damages you could inflict to the building or people in it.
  • Parking: you can park in the street for free (blue disc) or you can use the P&R across route de Beggen (5 min walk).
  • There are no reimbursements.
  • We reserve the right to refuse admission.
  • We reserve the right to end a contract immediately for the following reasons: Member being harmful / detrimental to the other members, For people having their offical address @ wishbox, if they do not comply with the presence policy (point no4) We are not a PO box. We do not run an empty space! and finally if your membership is not paid on time.